Fresh 6 Games To Include In Your Kids Game Collection

Believe it or not, kids have grown smarter in this generation and they look for engagement and entertainment. Gone are the days when they were happy seeing the toy trains going around them. Now, they want to take up challenges and so, the board games, puzzles, and active play toys enter the picture. Some of these are so inviting, you would want to try your hands too. In the initial years one does not know what they would really love to play with so, we keep on stashing their room with toys. But, some of the toys are universally favorite and we definitely can get them home.

Some of these fresh games and toys are must-haves for giving your kids a good time at home.

  1. Kinetic Sand 2.5 Kg: We are starting with their favorite place to be, in the sand. This game is for kids waging 3 years and up. They don’t mind getting dirty but, you do. So, we have a solution that is mess-free. This kinetic sand set lets you squeeze it or shape it into whatever and then they can poke it and watch it melt back into its original form. The simple joy is to see it flowing effortlessly like a dense fluid through your fingers. The kinetic nature allows it to stick to itself and not you, cleans up in a snap.

  2. Water pump: The second favorite being water, they can get their hands in water. This fun game is all about immersing the pump bottom in water to the indicated level, then move the handle up and down to make the water flow. The transparent pump lets you see how it works. The game is for 18 months and up.

  3. Cotton Canvas Jumping Sacks: Get all the fun home with these jumping sacks that offer remarkable cognitive challenges and provide outstanding physical activity combined with cardiovascular benefits. Made in heavy duty cotton canvas duct, they provide amazing strength and add durability for long-lasting use. They come with Kangaroo front pocket for games and added play value.

  4. Bubble Fish Peg Puzzle: This puzzle comes with fish of different size and color that go in different directions. This is a challenge for the children as they have to understand direction as well as size and shape with this wooden puzzle.

  5. Rock Around: This is simple yet, a fun spherical rocking toy for both indoors and outdoors. Children can spin around or sit unit and rock it from side to side. There is enough room for two small children to sit in it together. Users can nicely hold on to the rim without a fear of their hands getting jammed between the rim and the floor.

  6. Riverstone: Give them a fun learning experience with these stepping stones for better coordination, balance, and fun. The game is inspired by stepping stones in a river as each side of the triangle varies in steepness and difficulty. The idea involves jumping from stone to stone without touching the floor, the position of the stones can be changed for more challenging paths as they advance.
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