7 Beauty Care Products That Are A Must For Your Daily Bag

You need to get your staples nailed before trends come and confuse you with everything. Get your ‘go to’ bag to basics with all the must-haves to keep you going. I am sure most of you shuffle your bag in order to match the look every alternate day. In between all these matching’s, we tend to miss out on keeping the bare essentials. For this, you need a checklist handy for going back each time you decide to change your bag.

Also, most of the time we have a handful of items that we inevitably forget while packing for any kind of trip. So, consider this one as a friendly reminder to pack these items first, before you begin dumping your shoes and clothes into your suitcase. Your hotel might give you a dryer or straightener but, it definitely does not have your favorite face cleanser.

  1. Women Color Correcting Cream base Primer Crayons: This little liquid is missed out by so many of us, yet if we just take time out to smooth it on, the makeup would anchor settle down. When you know, you will be out for indefinite hours, your face base needs to go on for that extra mile. Especially, as these magical creams lend skin benefits, too. As a lightweight gel, it creates a flawless, poreless canvas that is long lasting, waterproof and illuminating.

  2. Worthy Hand Sanitizer - NFL Cleveland Browns: Even if you're not germophobic, you need to carry a hand sanitizer all the times. Think of all the things you will be touching that everyone else has touched as well. This anti-bacterial gel is great for stashing in every one of your pockets and bags so you'll have clean hands all the time.

  3. Hand & Nail Treatment Cream: This easy to carry treatment for nails is what we are talking about to keep your nails happy while giving them a pretty shine. It's made with a breathable oxygenated formula to keep your nail beds happy and strong. The sheer finish means that chips will be less visible than with dark colors too so you'll be less conscious of them on the road.

  4. Concealer - Pear (Corrector): A concealer that is hard-working is a definite have for any red-eye trip where chances of you going without sleeping are high. Pack a high-coverage concealer like this creamy, vitamin-rich concealer that features a crease-proof & easily blends formula and is lashed with enriched with Vitamin E to nourish skin.

  5. Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF25: An ultra-hydrating & protective lip balm formulated with Coconut Oil, rich in fatty acids for nourishing properties-Provides a cushion of soothing moisture for up to 12 hours like this is going to be your ultimate savior. Keep the lips nourished with this one that comes blended with antioxidant-rich lemon butter to provide year-round protection for lips. It is infused with SPF 25 to shield lips against UVA & UVB. It also unveils softer, smoother & dewy lips.

  6. Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser: Nothing goes on without a good beauty sleep and this one with is ITS rich scent is going to cover you in a good night sleep. This face cleanser has a soothing effect and is a travel essential. It comes with a subtle calming scent that combines a clarifying formula that is ideal for decompressing after a day of early morning flights and inevitable delays.

  7. Pulse NYC Eau De Parfum Spray: Lastly, do not forget to slip in this quick fix for all the work and leisure trips. A dab of this fragrance keeps one more composed, even with sunburn.



Now, that you are all set with your mini bag of essentials, you are ready to step out and feel the fresh air. Let’s face it, packing for even a one-day outing could come as a challenge with so many little things to organize and such less time (well, at least for some of us procrastinators). But, with a quick checklist like this, you are sorted for all the big and long vacations. Most of these things could come handy even on a general day when you have to run for different meetings and catch up with your friends in the evening. A little quick fix will keep you ready and be moving.

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