Decorating A Room On A Budget

If you’re tired of the same old look in your bedroom or living room, chances are that you have considered re-decorating. Giving your room a complete makeover can be slightly daunting and of course, a little expensive as well. Choosing a theme or color scheme especially if size and financial restrictions are a concern can seem unnerving. However, this seemingly challenging task is not that difficult though. If you are considering a designer look similar to those featured in a magazine, rather than shopping at high-end stores to create your ideal décor, whip up your own “thrifty chic” makeover using repurposed or inexpensive materials from salvage shops, craft stores, home improvement retailers or even your own or friends garages and back of the closets!

Here are a few pointers that can help you give your room a fresh look without being too heavy on the pocket.

Create a Budget

Amazing Furniture, Home Decor Ideas & LightingFirst things first, you must create a budget – even if you’re decorating on the cheap with DIY and second hand stuff. You certainly don’t want to go into debt or be heavy on your funds. See how much you can reasonably afford to spend and set a budget for furniture, decorations and paint. Make a list of items things that you are looking into and set a price tag to each necessity and stick with it. For example if you’re planning on a light fixture or lamp, then set a budget of $40 and do not over exceed. Trust me, you may get a better deal if you keep your eyes open and search around. Introduce yourself to the world of DIY Room Décor. If you want to become familiar with DIY decor to save money, turn to Pinterest for inspiration and start creating boards to save for reference later.

You can check out some ways to repurpose old furniture and wood or how to get the most out of hanging space. In addition, try buying cheap supplies at your local home and garden store and yard sales. Even your own old stuff can be used or given a different look to suit your theme.

Decluttering: the easiest way to decorate on a budget

Air Fryer, Ring Doorbell & More AccessoriesYou might think that decorating your home is all about adding more stuff. Not true! It’s also about ditching the stuff that no longer serves you. You can take your old stuff and turn it into cash or donate it. Swapping your stuff with friends and family is also another thing to consider as well. Once you free up space, you will have room for other things to accentuate the rest of your decor.

A Paint Job

Paint is an important and low costing thing to consider when giving your space a new look. A moody accent wall can give the space a sophisticated richness, and a light grey or pale blue are always great options to give your room that restful and relaxed feeling. If you are feeling adventurous, then consider using a painter’s tape to create stripes or other patterns. Another easy way is to use stencils to create a one of a kind art on your wall.  Sofa, Curtains & Computer Desks

Pick Up a Large Mirror

Patio Furniture, Chandelier & Outdoor Furniture A large mirror is a great addition to any space. It is highly versatile as it works in pretty well in a bedroom, living room, entry way or even in a bathroom or kitchen, wherever your heart desires. A nice mirror may not only work as a focal point in a room but holds the magic to make small spaces look bigger and well lit.

Add Fresh Greens to the Room

Area Rugs, Bedroom Sets & Floor LampsTo liven up any room add some plant life to your apartment. Local nurseries can guide you best for easy to manage indoor plants. If you are keen on creating culinary delights, then why not grow herbs in your own home! Not only will you have fresh ingredients while you cook, but your room will be fragrant with all those delectable herb scents.

However, if for any reason you find yourself not the kind of person maintaining fresh plants, then silk flowers and plants can be added. Arrange the flowers in any way you like and you can even get colors to match your entire scheme.

Make a Statement with Your Rug Choice

Be bold with your rug choice. Don’t write off its décor potential just because it’s underfoot. Find ways to work a patterned rug into your room that enhance the space without overwhelming it A rug striped in shades that are complementary to the room’s color palette is a good choice for a small room or apartment.

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Change Your Pillows and Bedding

In case you are redecorating your bedroom, changing the throw pillows and your duvet can be one of the most effective changes you can make. Selecting bedding in a color that is completely different from what you currently have can make a huge impact. White bedding or a pale yellow is a favorite as it works in all seasons and can be easily layered with a cozy wool blanket for winters and funky boho inspired pillows in the summer. They may not even cost much as you can mix n match colors and patterns that you may find on sale or in the clearance section of the bedding department in home stores.

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The same rule (or no rule) applies if you need to redo a living area. New cushions on the couch and a throw can do the job perfectly as well.

Create a Gallery Wall

Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & CorgiDon’t forget about your walls! Art is the most important aspect to any room. Art should reflect your personal interests and passion-plus can be uniquely displayed. Consider a gallery wall, you can add continuously to it. Salvage frames from flea market or thrift stores and frame favorite pictures, special cards and even prints from books or magazines. Don’t be afraid to experiment to create a collage or a look that is your own. Adding inexpensive ledges to display your art without putting holes in your wall is the new trend. But if hanging frames is your way to go then use removable picture hanging strips that come off easily without damaging the walls.


Lighting is a key element in any room, but is especially important when you are thinking about creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere like a bedroom. For an impactful change, look to your bedside lamps. To keep lighting from looking dated switch old lamp shades for new, clean ones. Certain old ones can date a room and over time gather grime and dust that makes them look dingy. Keep the original lamp bases and add new lamp shades with a pop of color or patterns to go with the décor and liven up the room. You can also consider swapping out your bedside lamps for elegant wall mounted scones. After all, who doesn’t like to read in bed?

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Wall Decor, Twin Bed and FramesYour room should be a neat and restful place without tripping over stuff. Even if you are tidy with your belongings but if everything is out on “display” then it still gives a not so clean look. Adequate storage should be utilized to keep clutter to the minimum. Closet organizers, fabric storage bins and nesting baskets are excellent and economical options to keep miscellaneous items from piling up. You can also invest in furniture that does double duty like storage ottomans, chests or vintage suitcases stacked to look like a table. All these can hold your bedding, magazines and the piles of books that you cherish so much.

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Besides all these brilliant and pocket friendly decorating ideas, you may want to use all the unused space, that is, your walls as a storage place as well. Add shelves and ledges to store and/or display your stuff. Remember to stick to the theme that you are following. Collect and proudly exhibit your wonderful finds.

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You can now put your feet up that renewed ottoman and admire the fruits of your labor.

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