Sizing Information - Important-JadeMoghul Inc.

JadeMoghul hosts a variety of products through it’s partners, manufacturers, vendors and warehouses in Asia, Europe and North America. JadeMoghul adheres to its strict quality control policy irrespective of the manufacturing origin. We respect our customer diversity and provide relevant sizes for a global user community. It is important for our customers to understand the sizing details, before finalizing their purchase decisions. We expect to facilitate a near to perfect purchase and eliminate post purchase issues.

Below, the different sections of JadeMoghul are detailed for sizing:

Jade Mall - China Warehouse / Asian Sizes

Most of the products from Jade Bazaar are private label and they originate from Asia, specially China. A rule of thumb is to adjust two (2) sizes upwards for western customers. This is specially true for men. Women should also carefully review the relevant sizing charts and adjust likewise. Unless until indicated, please review the sizes along with the charts attached with the products.

We have provided detailed sizing charts comparing the Asian, European and North American size details, at the end of the section.


Moghul Exclusives - North American / European Sizes

These products are of mostly North American and European origin and of the relevant sizes. Our Asian, Middle Eastern and African customers should adjust their sizes according to the conversion charts given below.


Sports - North American / European Sizes

North American sizes apply unless specifically indicated. Please use the charts for ensuring the right size for your purchase.


JadeMoghul is committed to ultimate customer satisfaction and for any questions, please email us as



International Sizing Chart

International Sizing Chart - 2

Men Asian, European & North American Size Comparison (Inches & Centimetres):

Men Sizing 

Men Top / Bottom Size Chart


Shirts - Men


Male Shirt Size

Trousers - Men


Men Trouser Inches


Men Trouser cm


Women Sizing Charts

Trousers - Women

Women Trouser Inches

Boots - Adult

Adult Boot Size 

Girls Size Chart

Girls Size Chart

Boys Size Chart

Boys Size Chart

Gloves Size Chart

Gloves Size Chart